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As a referral agency, Spruce Up is not the employer of the domestic worker it refers to clients. Our role is to utilize various advertising methods to acquire clients and arrange referrals that meet your specific needs as an Independent Professional.

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I am one of the qualified cleaners registered with Spruce Up. I have been cleaning for a long time alone. It is really hard to find clients in this day and age. I tried for months with no results but Spruce Up knocked all the walls down between me and the client. Its a perfect way to fill your scheduled or to find a super qualified cleaner like myself. Spruce Up is in my opinion is the best.
— C.W.
I have my own clients and was looking to fill my schedule part time. I am an experienced housekeeper and wanted more clients that I could service. Spruce Up referred me clients that I now service weekly and bi-weekly. I have a full schedule and steady income now. Thank you, Spruce Up!
— M.D.
Spruce Up referred me to clients that I didn’t have a chance to service previously on my own. It took a bit of time to build up my schedule but now I have clients requesting my services through the Agency on-going. I keep in touch with Cori & May often about new jobs that will meet the areas I service. They give me feedback on what the clients think of my service so I can better service them. I’m very happy with working with Spruce Up Agency.
— G.H.
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