Pros That Live for Housework So You Can Live Life

We’ve worked diligently to find the most qualified professional cleaners to refer and would like to share with you some of the tips for a successful working relationship which we've collected over the years.

Write a Task List

The cleaners we refer, being independent professionals, are able to customize the cleaning to YOUR needs & preferences.  We encourage you to write out a priority list for your cleaner – this can easily be changed as your needs change – and leave notes if you’re not at home.

Communication is Key

Since every client has different priorities, we recommend a walk-through of your home on the cleaner’s initial visit, familiarizing them with such areas as:

  • communications center for notes, payments etc.
  • where to take the garbage,
  • how to secure the premises,  key arrangements, security codes, etc.
  • use of laundry facilities, dishwashers
  • use & location of tools, supplies, vacuum replacement bag storage etc.
  • any other issues unique to your household

It's All About the Right Match

Time and again experience has shown that no single cleaner makes all clients happy.  Both cleaners & clients have their own personal style, and occasionally it takes trying a few different cleaners before finding the one who fits your needs.  That’s what we’re here for.  If, for any reason at any time, you would like to try another cleaner, just let us know & we’ll refer a different person from our extensive registry of screened professionals. Additionally, in line with the philosophy that  “a new broom sweeps clean”, some clients periodically request a change in cleaners to guard against complacency. The good thing about using an agency is that you don’t need to fire anyone, just give us a call & we’ll refer someone new.

Be Realistic

On the other side of the coin, while we’d love to promise that you’ll have the same wonderful cleaner and many cleaners have been with us for several years, the reality is that people change careers, move, have families, go back to school, experience health problems.  We’re here to meet these changes in the way that is least disruptive to you by consistently maintaining a registry of qualified, screened cleaners so that we can smoothly transition into another service provider whenever necessary, whether due to the cleaners circumstances or to your own wish to make a change.

Be Flexible

The best cleaners’ schedules get filled quickly – obviously the more flexible you are regarding days and times of service, the more likely it will be that we can make the match that’s right for you.