Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I arrange for my cleaner to have key access to my home?

We recommend that you meet the housekeeper on the initial cleaning visit. Thereafter, you can discuss with either your housekeeper or our office staff the best method of gaining access to your home if you will be absent at the time of service; arranging a special hiding place, using a key entry system like a lock box, leaving a key with a neighbor or the use of electronic entry systems are a few of the options. Should you decide to give your housekeeper a key, the agency is not responsible for lost or missing keys.

Q. How should I tip my cleaner?

Should you wish to tip your cleaner, we ask that any gratuity be given directly to your housekeeper rather than included with your payment to Spruce Up.  As always, while greatly appreciated by your housekeeper, gratuities are entirely voluntary and at your discretion.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept check payments at this time. Payment is due at the time of service--Please prepare to give the check to your housekeeping professional on the service date. Checks should be made out to Spruce Up Agency. 

Q. What is the difference between the regular and deep cleaning service?

Every household has different needs and our housekeeping professionals will customize the service based on your needs. Deep cleaning service includes heavier work than normal and may include cleaning of blinds, inside appliances, interior windows, inside cabinets, & removal of marks off walls.

Q. I have a special project that I'd like assistance with, how can I arrange for my cleaner to assist?

The housekeeper we refer will custom tailor the cleaning to each client’s separate needs. Whenever you have an upcoming special project, want a special spring cleaning, or, if you anticipate the job may take longer than usual, simply call the office to make special scheduling arrangements.

Q.  Can my cleaner also do my laundry?

Yes, our housekeepers are willing to have laundry responsibilities. As with the cleaning of your home, please let them know any instructions regarding it and provide all the necessary items to do the job you are expecting (i.e. soap, dryer sheets...). If you live in a building that has a laundry room, please acquaint your housekeeper with where it is and provide a laundry card with the necessary funds.

Q. What is the worker status of the cleaning professionals referred by Spruce Up?

As with all legitimate referral agencies, Spruce Up Agency is not the employer of the domestic workers it refers.  The housekeepers we refer are independent professionals who choose when, where, how and for whom they wish to provide service. The best approach is to give your cleaner your priorities and then allow the housekeeper the freedom to accomplish the tasks in the method that works most efficiently for them – as you would with any competent professional contractor.

Q. Who provides the tools and supplies for cleaning?

Because many of our housekeepers are increasingly relying on public transportation, we ask that you supply all large tools and bulky items necessary. As far as the actual cleaning products are concerned, we suggest that you work that out with your cleaner – some prefer to bring the cleaning products they’re most familiar with, but most are flexible and willing to use those that you prefer as long as you provide them.

Q. Who is responsible for damages?

The housekeepers referred are solely responsible for any loss or damages which occur as a result of their actions. Review your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy for information on your coverage.

Q. Will my cleaner be ok with my pet(s)?

Since many of our clients are “pet lovers”, most Spruce Up's referred cleaners are comfortable with household animals.  It may be a good idea to gradually introduce your animal companion to any new housekeeper; however, any unfriendly or dangerous animals should be removed to a secure location while the housekeeper is present.

Q. Is my cleaner able to work on the weekend or on holidays?

There are select housekeepers on roster who have communicated to us that they are interested in weekend work and that working on holidays is fine for them. It is best to ask them directly if you have an established housekeeper or contact us and we will do our best to schedule with service provider that can accommodate your preferred date and time.

*For more information on our non-solicitation and cancellation policies, please click here.